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Cognitive Neurologist
Clinical/Research Fellow

Educational History:
BS, Biochemistry, McGill University
MD, Yale University

Clinical Interests/Program Development:
Clinical interests include neurological disorders that demonstrate significant deficits in the cognitive domain of attention. Other interests include the disorders that lie at the intersection of cognitive neurology and movement disorders including neurological gait disorders. I oversee the Clinic for Executive Function, Attention and Related Disorders.

Brief Narrative:
I completed my Neurology Residency in 2014 at which point I joined the CNU as a clinical and research fellow. As a clinician, I regularly see patients in the CNU and oversee the development of the subspecialty clinic for Executive function, attention and related disorders. In this clinic, we see patients with cognitive deficits related to a variety of neurological disorders we have implemented an innovative approach that implements new analytic tools and closely monitors our patient’s response to medication and cognitive training. My ultimate goal is to develop more accurate tools for detecting and treating disorders of executive function and attention in patients with neurological disease.

Research Interests:
My ongoing research interests involve examining the functional brain networks that underlie neurological impairments in both the motor and cognitive systems. I am actively involved in several projects that use a combination of fMRI and brain stimulation to study the effects of neuromodulation on clinical symptom expression. In particular, I am interested in understanding how changes in functional networks within the brain relate to changes in the ability to maintain focus/attention. I also study the interaction between cognition and motor control in disorders such as freezing of gait, a disabling condition characterized by unpredictable episodes of freezing while walking.