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Cognitive Neurologists are neurologists with expertise in a variety of complex neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders with a focus on diagnosis and treatment of such illnesses; patients are commonly referred by other medical specialists or primary care providers for further assessment and care. Evaluation focuses on obtaining a comprehensive medical history and detailed examination to clarify cognitive and behavioral consequences of a neurological illness. These clinicians also integrate findings from the treatment team (neuropsychological assessment, social work, neuropsychiatry) and diagnostic findings (e.g., neuroimaging, blood work, CSF analysis) to aid in diagnosis and determine an appropriate treatment plan for management of symptoms.

Sheena Baratono, MD, PhD; Cognitive Neurology Fellow
Stephanie Buss, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Stephanie Changeau, RN, BSN, FNP-BC; Nurse Practitioner
Veronica Chen, RN, BSN, FNP-BC; Nurse Practitioner
Rita Elias, DO; Pediatric Neurologist
Tamara G. Fong, MD, PhD; Cognitive Neurologist
Garrett Friedman, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Julia Frueh, MD; Pediatric Neurologist
Simon Laganiere, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Chun Lim, MD, PhD; Medical Director, Division of Cognitive Neurology
Dan Press, MD, Chief, Division of Cognitive Neurology
Alexandra Stillman, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
David Urion, MD; Cognitive Neurologist