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The Brain Fit Club focuses on nonpharmacological interventions to promote brain health in an effort to optimize cognitive and socioemotional functioning, general well being, and quality of life. We also provide services and resources to caregivers.

Everyone knows that exercise, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and stress reduction are good for our bodies. There are also habits that are good for our brains. The right kind of mental activity, social engagement, and brain-specific exercises can help aging brains stay healthy and injured brains heal faster.

How can we keep our brains and our minds the best they can be?

The Brain Fit Club was developed with this question in mind. Because it’s important for people of all ages and mental capacities to keep their brains fit, services have been developed that are individually tailored to each person’s specific needs. Some benefit from cognitive rehabilitation, while others may find that mindfulness/meditation or certain healthy lifestyle behaviors help their brains stay strong.

In response to COVID-19, we are offering most of our Brain Fit Club services, including individual assessments and groups, via videoconferencing.

  • Our Approach

    To begin, you receive a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation unless you’ve had this recently. Results of this evaluation along with other relevant information help provide a brain health baseline and profile, which are discussed with you in order to determine optimal and personalized interventions. Repeat evaluations are completed periodically to monitor your brain status over time and adapt treatment plans to your changing needs.

  • Services Offered

    Services offered include:

    • Memory skills group
    • Attention/Executive functioning group
    • Brain Fog group (cognitive rehabilitation for long COVID-19 syndrome or PASC)
    • Meditation/Mindfulness group
    • Caregiver support group
    • Yoga group in collaboration with the Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet at BIDMC
    • Brain-healthy lifestyle behavior education workshop (depending on demand)
  • Contact Us

    The Brain Fit Club is located in the Cognitive Neurology Unit, Kirstein 2nd Floor, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, 330 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA.

    Phone: 617-667-2507